Samuel Davies: A Hymn Writer of Faith and Mission

Samuel Davies (1723-1761) stands as a significant figure in the realm of hymnody, known for his heartfelt compositions that have enriched Christian worship and deepened the spiritual lives of believers. His hymns, characterized by their theological depth, poetic beauty, and emphasis on faith and mission, continue to inspire worshipers around the world. This article explores the life, hymns, and enduring legacy of Samuel Davies, a poet whose words have left an indelible mark on the landscape of Christian worship and mission.

Early Life and Spiritual Awakening

Samuel Davies was born on November 3, 1723, in New Castle County, Delaware, in the American colonies. From a young age, he displayed a remarkable aptitude for learning and a deep interest in matters of faith. His spiritual journey was marked by a personal encounter with Christ that ignited his passion for spreading the Gospel and serving God’s kingdom.

Davies pursued theological education and entered the ministry, where his powerful preaching and eloquence captivated audiences and earned him a reputation as a gifted orator. His commitment to the Great Commission and his fervent desire to reach souls for Christ would later find expression in his hymnody.

Themes of Faith and Mission

Samuel Davies’ hymns often revolved around themes of faith, mission, and the believer’s commitment to sharing the Gospel. His ability to convey profound theological truths through poetic language set his hymns apart as expressions of devotion, evangelism, and a call to action.

In his hymn “Great God of Wonders! All Thy Ways,” Davies captures the awe and reverence that come from contemplating God’s divine attributes. The hymn’s verses invite worshipers to meditate on the mysteries of God’s nature and the wonder of His works. Davies’ composition beautifully encapsulates the essence of worship and the deep reverence that accompanies the contemplation of God’s greatness.

Theological Depth and Worshipful Contemplation

Samuel Davies’ hymns were rooted in a deep understanding of Scripture and a desire to convey biblical truths through poetic expression. His compositions often encouraged worshipers to engage in contemplation and draw nearer to God.

In his hymn “Lord, I am Thine, Entirely Thine,” Davies addresses themes of surrender, consecration, and the believer’s desire for intimate communion with Christ. The hymn’s verses reflect a sincere commitment to yielding all aspects of life to God’s service. Davies’ ability to articulate the believer’s longing for complete consecration resonates with individuals seeking a deeper relationship with Christ and a greater alignment with His will.

Inspiration for Mission and Evangelism

Samuel Davies’ hymns were not only expressions of personal faith but also sources of inspiration for mission and evangelism. His poetic expressions of the believer’s call to share the Gospel ignited a sense of urgency and responsibility among worshipers.

His hymn “Lord, in the Morning Thou Shalt Hear” conveys a message of intercession and the importance of seeking God’s guidance and empowerment for the work of evangelism. The hymn’s verses inspire worshipers to embrace the mission of spreading the Gospel and engaging in the work of God’s kingdom.

Legacy and Continuing Impact

Samuel Davies’ contributions to hymnody have left an enduring legacy that transcends time and place. His ability to convey profound spiritual truths through poetic expression has enriched the worship experiences of congregations and individuals alike.

His hymns have been featured in hymnals, choral arrangements, and recordings, attesting to their enduring popularity and continued relevance. Additionally, his impact extends to modern worship movements and mission efforts, where his hymns continue to serve as sources of inspiration and encouragement for believers who are passionate about sharing the love of Christ with the world.


Samuel Davies’ life and hymnody exemplify the power of artistic expression in the realm of worship and mission. His ability to convey theological insights, evoke deep emotions, and inspire action through his poetry has left an indelible mark on Christian worship and the believer’s call to engage in the work of evangelism.

As we sing Samuel Davies’ hymns and reflect on his words, we are invited to embrace the mission of sharing the Gospel, draw closer to God, and experience the transformative power of poetic expression. Davies’ legacy challenges us to view worship and mission as interconnected, allowing our creative gifts to become instruments of both devotion and outreach. His hymnody continues to serve as a source of inspiration, guiding us towards a deeper understanding of our faith and our responsibility to proclaim the Good News to a world in need of hope and redemption.