George Matheson Hymns

George Matheson Hymns

The following are some of the hymns that came from the pen of George Matheson. He was known as the blind preacher as he lost his sight in his youth.

O Love, That Wilt Not Let Me Go

Below is George Matheson account on how he came to writer this hymn:

“My hymn was composed in the manse of Innellan on the evening of the 6th of June, 1882. . . . Something happened to me, which was known only to myself, and which caused me the most severe mental suffering. The hymn was the fruit of that suffering. It was the quickest bit of work I ever did in my life. I had the impression rather of having it dictated to me by some inward voice than of working it out myself.

“I am quite sure that the whole work was completed in five minutes, and equally sure it never received at my hands any retouching or correction. I have no natural gift of rhythm. All the other verses I have ever written are manufactured articles; this came like a dayspring from on high. I have never been able to gain once more the same fervor in verse.”

Make Me a Captive, Lord

George Matheson

Jesus, Fountain of My Days