Love Is the Theme Lyrics, Story, and Video

Love Is the Theme Lyrics

1 Of the themes that men have known,
One supremely stands alone;
Thro’ the ages it has shown,
‘Tis His wonderful, wonderful love.

Love is the theme, love is supreme;
Sweeter it grows, glory bestows;
Bright as the sun ever it glows!
Love is the theme, eternal theme!

2 Let the bells of heaven ring,
Let the saints their tribute bring,
Let the world true praises sing
For His wonderful, wonderful love.

3 Since the Lord my soul unbound,
I am telling all around,
Pardon, peace, and joy are found
In His wonderful, wonderful love.

4 As of old when blind and lame
To the blessed Master came,
Sinners, call ye on His name,
Trust His wonderful, wonderful love.

Love Is the Theme Hymn Story

“Love Is the Theme” is a Christian hymn that was written by Albert C. Fisher.

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Love is the theme Music: Albert C. Fisher The Baptist Hymnal No. 545