The Mistakes of My Life Lyrics, Story, and Video

The Mistakes of My Life Lyrics

1 The mistakes of my life are many,
The sins of my heart are more,
And I scarce can see for weeping,
But I knock at the open door.

I know I am weak and sinful,
It comes to me more and more;
But since the dear Saviour has bid me come in,
I’ll enter the open door.

2 I am lowest of those who love Him,
I am weakest of those who pray;
But I come as He has bidden,
And He will not say me nay. [Chorus]

3 My mistakes His free grace will cover,
My sins He will wash away,
And the feet that shrink and falter,
Shall walk thro’ the gates of day. [Chorus]

The Mistakes of My Life / The Open Door Hymn Story

The author of this hymn, “Open Door” or “The Mistakes of My Life” is Una Locke (Urania Locke Bailey”. Urania Locke was born on 20th November 1820 in Massachusetts. She passed away on 25th March 1882.

Una Locke - the mistakes of my life or open door hymn writer.
Una Locke

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The Mistakes of My Life Hymn Video

The Mistakes of My Life / Robert Lowry & Una Locke • solo piano hymn played by Luke Wahl