The Magnitude of Mercy Lyrics, Story, Video

The Magnitude of Mercy Lyrics

Thy thoughts concerning me, O God,
Are precious and divine,
Outnumbering the sands of time,
They assure me I am Thine.

When I awake I’m still with Thee,
I am by Thee beset,
Thy providence my path doth guard,
Thy mercy guides my feet.

Thy hand is oft upon me laid,
When I would go astray,
Thou gently whisperest in my ear,
My child, this is the way.

There is no word my tongue can frame,
But what is known to Thee,
Else would I lose myself away,
In praises to Thy name.

But search me, Lord, and let my thoughts
Reflect Thy sovereign will,
And when I cross the bar, I pray
I may be with Thee still.

The Magnitude of Mercy Hymn Story

“The Magnitude of Mercy” is a hymn that was written by J T Nickens. It was first published in 1910.

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