O Lord of Heaven and Earth and Sea

O Lord of Heaven and Earth and Sea Lyrics

Author: Christopher Wordsworth (1863)

1 O Lord of heav’n and earth and sea,
to Thee all praise and glory be;
how shall we show our love to Thee,
who givest all?

2 The golden sunshine, vernal air,
sweet flow’rs and fruits Thy love declare,
when harvests ripen, Thou art there,
who givest all.

3 For peaceful homes and healthful days,
for all the blessings earth displays,
we owe Thee thankfulness and praise,
who givest all.

4 Thou didst not spare Thine only Son,
but gav’st Him for a world undone,
and freely with that blessed One,
Thou givest all.

5 Thou giv’st the Holy Spirit’s dow’r,
Spirit of life and love and pow’r,
and dost His sev’nfold graces show’r
upon us all.

6 For souls redeemed, for sins forgiv’n,
for means of grace and hopes of heav’n,
Father, what can to Thee be giv’n,
who givest all?

O Lord of Heaven and Earth and Sea Hymn History

This hymn, “O Lord of heaven and earth and sea was written by Reverend Christopher Wordsworth. It was written to teach his parishioners about giving.

Reverend Christopher Wordsworth was a British minister of the word of God. His first parish was out in the country in Berkshire.

The church was poor, and the members had not learned how to give. They were just interested in getting church doles, in the shape of coal, soup, blankets etc.

Reverend Wordsworth whose uncle was the famous poet Wordsworth was also a good poet. He therefore decided to use his skill in poetry and hymns to create hymns that will teach his parishioners the duty of giving.

He would write a hymn inculcating lessons that he wanted to pass on to his parishioner.

His method proved a major success, and his people became really generous givers.

This hymn was originally titled, “Charitable Collections”.

Charles Wordsworth - o lord of heaven and earth and sea
Charles Wordsworth

O Lord of Heaven and Earth and Sea Hymn Video

Choir singing, O Lord of heaven and earth and sea

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