Behold He Cometh Lyrics

Behold He Cometh Lyrics

1 Behold! behold He cometh,
Who doth salvation bring;
Lift up hour heads rejoicing,
And welcome Zion’s King;
With hymns of joy we praise the Lord,
Hosanna to th’ Incarnate Word!

2 Hosanna to the Saviour,
Who came on Christmas morn,
And, of a lowly Virgin,
Was in a stable born;
Immanuel! Blessed Jesus! come!
Within Thy children make Thy home.

3 Yea, come in love and meekness
Our Saviour now to be;
Come to be formed in us,
And make us like to Thee,
Before the Day of Wrath draw near,
When, as our Judge, Thou shalt appear.

4 Soon shalt Thou sit in glory
Upon “the great White Throne,”
And punish all the wicked,
And recompense Thine own;
When every word and deed and thought
To righteous judgment shall be bright.

5 Here, good and bad are mingled;
But on that Judgment Day
The Angels shall divide them,
And take the bad away;
Grant, Lord, that we be faithful found
When the last trumpet-call shall sound!

Behold He Cometh Hymn Story

“Behold, Behold, He Cometh” is a Christian hymn that was written by Claudia Frances Hernaman. The tune used is called IMMANUEL and it was composed by Webbe.

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Behold! Behold! He Cometh – Latin hymn – S. Webbe Christmas carol piano solo

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