I Am Jesus Little Lamb Lyrics

I Am Jesus Little Lamb Lyrics

1 I am Jesus’ little lamb,
Ever glad at heart I am;
Jesus loves me, Jesus knows me,
All things fair and good He shows me;
Even calls me by my name;
Ev’ry day He is the same.

2 Safely in and out I go,
Jesus guides me here below;
When I hunger Jesus feeds me;
When I thirst, my Shepherd leads me
Where the waters softly flow,
Where the sweetest pastures grow.

3 Should I not be always glad?
None whom Jesus loves are sad;
And when this short life is ended,
Those whom the Good Shepherd tended
Will be taken to the skies,
There to dwell in Paradise.

I Am Jesus Little Lamb Hymn Story

“Iam Jesus Little Lamb” is a children’s Christian hymn that was composed by Henriette Louise Von Hayn. It was translated into English by William Fleming Stevenson.

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I Am Jesus’ Little Lamb

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