Touch Me Lord Jesus Lyrics

Touch Me Lord Jesus Lyrics

1 Touch, touch me, Lord Jesus,
With Thy hand of mercy,
Make each throbbing heartbeat
Feel Thy power divine.
O take my will forever,
I will doubt Thee never,
O Lord, please cleanse me, my dear Savior,
Make me wholly Thine.

2 Mold, mold me, dear Savior;
As I bow before Thee,
Prostrate, prostrate and helpless,
Make my heart Thy throne.
O purge my dross with hyssop;
Burn me with Thy fire;
O Lord, please make, make me and use me;
Ever all Thine own.

3 Feed, feed me, dear Jesus,
From Thy holy table,
Rain, rain bread from heaven,
Let my cup o’erflow.
O naked, sick and hungry;
Poor and weak and lonely,
O Lord, please feed, feed me, Lord Jesus,
Till I want no more.

4 Guide, guide me, Jehovah,
Through this vale of sorrow,
I am safe forever,
Trusting in Thy love.
O bear me through the current;
O’er the chilly Jordan,
O Lord, please lead me, my dear Savior,
To my home above.

Touch Me Lord Jesus Hymn Story

“Touch Me, Lord Jesus” is a Christian hymn that was written by Lucie Eddie Campbell. Campbell prepared both the text and music.

Lucie Eddie Campbell was born on 30th April 1885 in Mississippi. Her parents were slaves in Mississippi.

Lucie Eddie Campbell - Touch me lord j
Lucie Eddie Campbell

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