When Pain and Anguish Seize Me, Lord Lyrics, Story, and Video

When Pain and Anguish Seize Me, Lord Lyrics

When pain and anguish seize me, Lord,
All my support is from Thy Word:
My soul dissolves for heaviness;
Uphold me with Thy strengthening grace.

The proud have framed their scoffs and lies,
They watch my feet with envious eyes,
And tempt my soul to snares and sin,
Yet Thy commands I ne’er decline.

They hate me, Lord, without a cause,
They hate to see me love Thy laws;
But I will trust and fear Thy name,
Till pride and malice die with shame.

When Pain and Anguish Seize Me, Lord Hymn Story

“When Pain and Anguish Seize Me Lord” is yet another hymn from the prolific hymn writer, Isaac Watts. It was first published in 1719.

In talking of this hymn, Isaac Watts says in Psalms of David, “Cou­rage and per­se­ve­rance un­der per­se­cu­tion; or, grace shin­ing in dif­fi­cul­ties and tri­als.”

From this statement you can see that Watts’ motive was to help us when we go through difficulties including persecution.

He says his support if from His Word. It is also from the trust we put in our Lord.

Isaac Watts - When pain and anguish seize me lord hymn writer
Isaac Watts

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