Friendship With Jesus Lyrics, Story, and Video

Friendship With Jesus Lyrics

1 A friend of Jesus! O what bliss
That one, so vile as I,
Should ever have a friend like this
To lead me to the sky!

Friendship with Jesus, fellowship divine,
O what blessed, sweet communion,
Jesus is a friend of mine!

2 A friend when other friend ships cease,
A friend when others fail,
A friend who gives me joy and peace,
A friend who will prevail.

3 A friend when sickness lays me low,
A friend when death draws near,
A friend as through the vale I go,
A friend to help and cheer.

4 A friend when life’s short race is o’er,
A friend when earth is past,
A friend to meet on Heaven’s shore,
A friend when home at last.

Friendship With Jesus Hymn Story

“Friendship with Jesus” is a Christian hymn that was written by Joseph C. Ludgate. It was first published in1898.

The author, Joseph C Ludgate was raised a Catholic but later joined the Salvation Army where he rose to the rank of Brigadier.

During the First World War he served as a Chaplain.

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