I Remember Calvary Lyrics, Story, and Video

I Remember Calvary Lyrics

1 Where He may lead me I will go,
For I have learned to trust Him so,
And I remember ’twas for me
That he was slain on Calvary.

Jesus shall lead me night and day,
Jesus shall lead me all the way,
He is the truest Friend to me,
For I remember Calvary.

2 O I delight in His command,
Love to be led by His dear hand;
His divine will is sweet to me,
Hallowed by blood-stained Calvary. [Chorus]

3 Onward I go, nor doubt nor fear,
Happy with Christ, my Savior, near,
Trusting that I some day shall see
Jesus, my Friend, of Calvary. [Chorus]

I Remember Calvary Hymn Story

“I Remember Calvary” is a Christian hymn that was written by Reverend William Clark Martin. W C Martin was born in 1864 in New Jersey. He was a Baptist minister. He passed away in 1914.

William Clark Martin - I remember calvary hymn writer
William Clark Martin

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I Remember Calvary Hymn Video

I remember calvary music video

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