Just A Little While Lyrics, Story, and Video

Just A Little While Lyrics

1 Soon this life will all be over
And our pilgrimage will end,
Soon we’ll take our heav’nly journey,
Be at home again with friends;
Heaven’s gates are standing open,
Waiting for our entrance there,
Some sweet day we’re going over,
All the beauties there to share.

Just a little while to stay here,
Just a little while to wait,
Just a little while to labor
In the path that’s always straight,
Just a little more of troubles,
In this low and sinful state,
Then we’ll enter Heaven’s portals,
Sweeping through the pearly gates.

2 Soon we’ll see the light of morning
Then the new day will begin,
Soon we’ll hear the Father calling,
“Come my children enter in;”
Then we’ll hear a choir of angels,
Singing out the vict’ry song,
All our troubles will be ended
And we’ll live with heaven’s throng. [Refrain]

3 Soon we’ll meet again our loved ones
And we’ll take them by the hand,
Soon we’ll press them to our bosom
Over in the promised land;
Then we’ll be at home forever,
Throughout all eternity,
What a blessed, blessed morning
That eternal morn will be! [Refrain]

Just A Little While Hymn Story

“Just a Little” is a Christian hymn that was composed by E.M Bartlett. Bartlett was born on 24th December 1883 in Missouri. She was a trained musician and music teacher who helped in the development of Southern gospel music.

E M Bartlett - Just a little while hymn writer
E M Bartlett

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