Thou Art Worthy Lyrics

Thou Art Worthy Lyrics

Thou art worthy,
Thou art worthy,
Thou art worthy, O Lord,
To receive glory,
Glory and honor,
Glory and honor and power
For Thou hast created,
hast all things created,
Thou hast created all things;
And for Thy pleasure
they are created –
Thou art worthy, O Lord.

Thou Art Worthy Hymn Story

“Thou Art Worthy” is song that is a paraphrase of Revelation 4:11. It was paraphrased into a song by Pauline Michael Mills in 1963.

Pauline Michael Mills was a pianist who lived in California. This song came about while she was on an evangelism tour.

During these tours, her son would ask the congregation to offer their favorite scripture and she would write music for these verses before the service was over.

It was during one of these events that she came up with today’s song, “Thou Art Worthy”.

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