Like a Mighty Sea Lyrics, Story, and Video

Like a Mighty Sea Lyrics

1 My soul today is thirsting for living streams divine,
To sweep from highest heaven to this poor heart of mine;
I stand upon the promise, in Jesus’ name I plead;
Oh, send the gracious current to satisfy my need.

Like a mighty sea, like a mighty sea,
Comes the love of Jesus sweeping over me;
The waves of glory roll, the shouts I can’t control;
Comes the love of Jesus sweeping o’er my soul.

2 I see the clouds arising, the mercy clouds of love,
That come to bring refreshing down from the throne above;
The earnest of the shower, just now to us is giv’n,
And now we wait, expecting the floods of grace from heav’n. [Refrain]

3 The show’rs of grace are falling, the tide is rolling in,
The floodtide of salvation, with pow’r to cleanse from sin;
It’s surging through my being and takes my sin away,
It keeps me shouting glory! through all the happy day. [Refrain]

4 It’s coming, yes, it’s coming, it’s coming down this hour,
A torrent of salvation in saving, cleansing pow’r:
I hear the billows surging, I see them mount and roll;
Oh, glory, hallelujah! they’re sweeping through my soul. [Refrain]

Like a Mighty Sea Hymn Story

“Like a Mighty Sea” is a Christian hymn that was written by evangelist Henry J Zelley. It is claimed by some that the music for this hymn was provided by Henry L Gilmour.

Henry Zelley was born on 15th March 1859 in New Jersey. He was a Methodist minister.

During his lifetime he produced over 1500 poems, hymns and songs. His most famous hymn is “He Brought Me Out” whose music was provided by Henry L Gilmour.

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