Saved From the Wreck Lyrics, Story, and Video

Saved From the Wreck Lyrics

1 Adrift on the waters, so dark and so cold,
Afar from the beautiful city of gold,
A vessel is sinking, for heavy the gale,
The cable is broken, and tattered each sail.

Poor child of the wreck, see the lifeboat is near,
A sweet voice is heard, for the Master is here;
He walks every billow, controls every wave,
’Tis Jesus, King Jesus, the mighty to save.

2 Oh, I was the sinner alone on the sea,
But love’s blessed signal were floating for me;
Though thunders were rolling, and billows at strife,
Lo, Jesus was calling, escape for thy life. [Refrain]

3 I stepped in the life boat, provided for me,
And Jesus my Pilot, my Captain to be;
His bosom my refuge, my haven of rest.
I’m rescued from shipwreck, so happy and blest. [Refrain]

4 Life’s turbulent surges are kissed into peace,
The beacons are shining, and songs never cease;
Fair moonbeams, bright sunshine, illumine the tide,
While onward to glory we’ll joyfully glide. [Refrain]

Saved From the Wreck Hymn Story

“Saved from the Wreck” is a Christian hymn that was composed by Eliza Edmunds Hewitt.

Eliza Hewitt was a teacher who later became incapacitated by a spinal malady which ruined her career. It was during this period that she studied English literature and authored poems.

Eliza Hewitt - Saved from the wreck hymn writer
Eliza Hewitt

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