Many and Great, O God Lyrics, Story, and Video

Many and Great, O God Lyrics

1 Many and great, O God, are your works, maker of earth and sky.
Your hands have set the heavens with stars;
your fingers spread the mountains and plains.
Lo, at your word the waters were formed; deep seas obey your voice.

2 Grant unto us communion with you, O star-abiding One.
Come unto us and dwell with us;
with you are found the gifts of life.
Bless us with life that has no end, eternal life with you.

Many and Great, O God Hymn Story

“Many and Great, O God” is a hymn that was written by Joseph Renville in 1842. It was composed a Native American song from the Dakota Indians and its original title was “Wakantanka taku nitawa”. It was paraphrased into the present song by Philip Frazier.

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