Our King Immanuel Lyrics, Story, and Video

Our King Immanuel Lyrics

1 See! the Monarch of monarchs comes in majesty!
Let us bow down and worship Him who doeth all things well;
He leads the nations out of sin and causes foes to flee;
All hail, our King Immanuel!

O honor His name forever for what His grace has done;
His mighty love in every heart should dwell,
For He is the world’s Redeemer, Jehovah’s only Son!
All hail, our King Immanuel!
All hail, our King Immanuel!

2 Like the waves of the ocean rolls His praise today,
for His wonderful love has helped so many to excel;
He sends the captives, free from chains, all singing on their way:
“All hail our King Immanuel!” [Refrain]

3 O the joy that will thrill us some glad day on high,
When we see Him in glory, where celestial praises swell;
Where cherubim and seraphim all join us when we cry:
“All hail our King Immanuel!” [Refrain]

Our King Immanuel Hymn Story

James Rowe is the author of this hymn, Our King Immanuel. Rowe was born in England in 1865. He wrote more than nine thousand hymns, poems, etc.

James Rowe - Our King Immanuel hymn writer
James Rowe

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