‘Tis the Promise of God Lyrics, Story, and Video

‘Tis the Promise of God Lyrics

1 ‘Tis the promise of God, full salvation to give
Unto him who on Jesus, His Son, will believe.

Hallelujah, ’tis done! I believe on the Son;
I am saved by the blood of the crucified One.

2 Though the pathway be lonely, and dangerous, too,
Surely Jesus is able to carry me through. [Refrain]

3 Many loved ones have I in yon heavenly throng;
They are safe now in glory, and this is their song: [Refrain]

4 Little children I see standing close by their King,
And He smiles as their song of salvation they sing. [Refrain]

5 There’s a part in that chorus for you and for me,
And the theme of our praises forever will be: [Refrain]

‘Tis the Promise of God Hymn Story

‘Tis the promise of God is a Christian hymn that was composed by Philip P Bliss.

Philip P Bliss - 'Tis the promise of God
Philip P Bliss

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