The Old-Fashioned Meeting Lyrics, Story, and Video

The Old-Fashioned Meeting Lyrics

1 Oh, how well I remember in the old-fashioned days,
When some old-fashioned people had some old-fashioned ways;
In the old-fashioned meetings as they tarried there,
In the old-fashioned manner, how God answered their pray’r.

‘Twas an old-fashioned meeting, in an old-fashioned place,
Where some old-fashioned people had some old-fashioned grace:
As an old-fashioned sinner I began to pray,
And God heard me, and saved me in the old-fashioned way.

2 There was singing, much singing, of those old-fashioned airs!
There was power, such power in those old-fashioned pray’rs,
An old-fashioned conviction made the sinner pray,
And the Lord heard and saved Him, in the old-fashioned way. [Chorus]

3 Well, they say it is better, “Things have changed, don’t you know,”
And the people in gen’ral, seem to think it is so;
And they call me old-fashioned when I dare to say,
That I like it far better in the old-fashioned way. [Chorus]

4 If the Lord never changes, as the fashions of men,
If He’s always the same, why, He is old-fashioned, then!
As an old-fashioned sinner saved thro’ old-time grace,
Oh, I’m sure He will take me to an old-fashioned place. [Chorus]

The Old-Fashioned Meeting Hymn Story

“The Old-Fashioned Meeting” is a Christian song that was composed by Herbert Buffum. Buffum was born on 13th November 1879. He started publishing hymns at the youthful age of eighteen. He was a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church.

Herbert Buffum - the old-fashioned meeting hymn writer
Herbert Buffum

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