Wounded For Me Lyrics, Story, and Video

Wounded For Me Lyrics

1 Wounded for me, wounded for me,
There on the cross He was wounded for me;
Gone my transgressions, and now I am free,
All because Jesus was wounded for me.

2 Dying for me, dying for me,
There on the cross He was dying for me;
Now in His death my redemption I see,
All because Jesus was dying for me.

3 Risen for me, risen for me,
Up from the grave He has risen for me;
Now evermore from death’s sting I am free,
All because Jesus has risen for me.

4 Living for me, living for me,
Up in the skies He is living for me;
Daily He’s pleading and praying for me,
All because Jesus is living for me.

5 Coming for me, coming for me,
Soon in the air He is coming for me;
Then with what joy His dear face I shall see,
Oh, how I praise Him! He’s coming for me.

Wounded For Me Hymn Story

“Wounded For Me” is a Christian hymn that was written by two hymn writers, William G. Ovens and Gladys Westcott Roberts.

Ovens wrote the first stanza while Roberts wrote stanzas two to five.

William G Ovens was born in 1870 and passed away in 1945.

William G Ovens - Wounded for me hymn writer
William G Ovens

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Wounded For Me Hymn Video

Wounded for me – Free Presbyterian Church, Magherafelt, Northern Ireland.