They Led Him Away Lyrics, Story, and Video

They Led Him Away Lyrics

1 They led Him away to be crucified,
The meek and lowly Jesus!
And there on the cross, between thieves He died,
My wonderful, wonderful Jesus.

They led Him away, they led Him away,
To Calvary’s rugged cross!
He followed, alone,
Our sins to atone,
This wonderful, wonderful Jesus.

2 They led Him away—nor did He rebel,
The great, redeeming Jesus!
The anguish He suffered no tongue can tell
This wonderful, wonderful Jesus. [Refrain]

3 They led Him away—and He died for me,
The loving, living Jesus!
I’ll follow His steps till His face I see,
This wonderful, wonderful Jesus. [Refrain]

They Led Him Away Hymn Story

“They Led Him Away” is a Christian hymn that was written by Charles Hutchinson Gabriel.

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