Let Every Lamp Be Burning Bright Hymn – Franklin Belden 1886

Let Every Lamp Be Burning Bright Lyrics

FE Belden

Let every lamp be burning bright,
The darkest hour is nearing;
The darkest hour of earth’s long night,
Before the Lord’s appearing.

Then trim your lamps, my brethren dear,
Then trim your lamps with godly fear;
The Master’s coming draweth near,
Let every lamp be burning.

Though thousands calmly slumber on,
The last great message spurning,
We’ll rest our living faith upon
His promise of returning. [Refrain]

His Word our lamp, His truth our guide,
We cannot be mistaken;
Though dangers rise on every side,
We shall not be forsaken. [Refrain]

Then let good works with faith appear,
To help the world around us;
Obedience brings the blessing near
When faith has firmly bound us. [Refrain]

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Let Every Lamp Be Burning Bright Story

Let Every Lamp Be Burning is yet another hymn from one of the most prolific American hymn writers, Franklin E Belden. It was written in 1886.

He started out as a Seventh-day Adventist Church but left this church in 1907. He later wrote songs for the famous evangelist Billy Sunday.

This hymn is based on Luke 12:35 keep your lamps burning. It encourages us to keep praying for the power of the Holy Spirit as the coming of our Lord and Savior is at hand.

Franklin E Belden wrote hundreds of hymns over his lifetime, they include among others, We Will Build On The Rock, Judgment Has Set, Look For The Waymarks, etc.

FE Belden - let every lamp be burning bright
FE Belden

Let Every Lamp Be Burning YouTube Video

Below is a video featuring this hymn.

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