What A Wonderful Savior Hymn Story and Lyrics

What A Wonderful Savior Hymn Story

The author of this hymn, “What a Wonderful Savior” is Elisha Hoffman. Hoffman was born in 1839 and died in 1929. He studied for the ministry at Union seminary in Pennsylvania.
He was a member of the Presbyterian church.
As a minister, he served many churches in Cleveland and Grafton in the 1880s. Before that, he worked with the Evangelical Association’s publishing arm for eleven years.
He composed at least two thousand songs. He also edited a few hymnals.
Some of the songs that he composed include, ” Leaning on the everlasting arms” and “Have you been to Jesus for the cleansing power”.
His goal was to create songs for congregational singing.
Elisha A Hoffman

What A Wonderful Savior Lyrics

1 Christ has for sin atonement made –
What a wonderful Savior!
We are redeemed, the price is paid –
What a wonderful Savior!
What a wonderful Savior is Jesus, my Jesus!
What a wonderful Savior is Jesus, my Lord!
2 I praise Him for the cleansing blood –
What a wonderful Savior!
That reconciled my soul to God –
What a wonderful Savior! [Refrain]
3 He cleansed my heart from all its sin –
What a wonderful Savior!
And now He reigns and rules therein –
What a wonderful Savior! [Refrain]
4 He gives me overcoming pow’r –
What a wonderful Savior!
And triumph in each trying hour –
What a wonderful Savior! [Refrain]
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Below is a video of a congregation singing What A Wonderful Savior

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