You May Have The Joy Bells Hymn Lyrics and Story

There are so many uplifting songs that will put a smile on your face and “You May Have the Joy Bells” is one of them. J Edward Ruark is the author of the words of this hymn which was published in 1899. William J Kirkpatrick provided the music.

Unfortunately, little is known about the author, J Edward Ruark. He may have been one of the many people who sought the assistance of William J Kirkpatrick in adding music to their poems.

It is, however, a powerful song that promises joy-bells if we live for Jesus every day.  There may be trials, but He will keep the joy-bells ringing in our hearts.


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You May Have the Joy Bells Hymn Lyrics

You may have the joy-bells ringing in your heart,
And a peace that from you never will depart;
Walk the straight and narrow way,
Live for Jesus every day,
He will keep the joy-bells ringing in your heart.

Joy-bells ringing in your heart,
Joy-bells ringing in your heart;
Take the Savior here below
With you everywhere, you go;
He will keep the joy-bells ringing in your heart.

Love of Jesus in its fullness you may know;
And this love to those around you sweetly show;
Words of kindness always say;
Deeds of mercy do each day,
Then He’ll keep the joy-bells ringing in your heart.

You will meet with trials as you journey home;
Grace sufficient He will give to overcome;
Though unseen by mortal eye,
He is with you ever nigh,
And He’ll keep the joy-bells ringing in your heart.

Let your life speak well of Jesus every day;
Own His right to every service you can pay;
Sinners you can help to win
If your life is pure and clean,
And you keep the joy-bells ringing in your heart.

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You May Have the Joy Bells Hymn Video

Joy Bells Quartet also known as Joy Bells Ministries sings as a way of spreading the Gospel. Here they are singing this beautiful hymn, You May Have the Joy Bells.

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