As Thy Days Thy Strength Shall Be

As Thy Days Thy Strength Shall Be Lyrics

Author: Frances Havergal

1 As thy day thy strength shall be
This should be enough for thee;
He who knows thy frame will spare
Burdens more than thou canst bear.

2 When thy days are veiled in night,
Christ shall give thee heavenly light;
Are they wearisome and long?
Yet in Him thou shalt be strong.

3 Cold and wintry though they prove,
Thine the sunshine of His love;
If with fervid heat opprest,
In His shadow thou shalt rest.

4 When thy days on earth are past,
Christ shall call thee home at last,
His redeeming love to praise,
Who hath strengthened all thy days.

As Thy Days Thy Strength Shall Be Hymn Story

This hymn, “As Thy Days Thy Strength Shall Be” is a composition by Frances Ridley Havergal. It was composed on New Year 1859. At that time Frances’ father Rev. W.H. Havergal was the rector of the church.

As the bells of St Nicholas’ church in Worcester in United Kingdom rang to welcome the New Year, Frances’s sister roused her to listen to the bells while quoting as the New Year’s motto the bible text, “As they days thy strength shall be”.

Frances did not reply for a few minutes but when she did, she gave her sister the reply in the form of two verses which she had composed in those moments of silence.

Seeing that her sister was very pleased with the two verses, Frances added two more verses.

Frances Ridley Havergal - As thy days thy strength shall be hymn writer
Frances Havergal

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As Thy Days Thy Strength Shall Be Hymn Video

A video featuring the hymn, “As thy days, thy strength shall be”

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