Yes He Knows the Way is Dreary

Yes He Knows the Way is Dreary Lyrics

Author: Frances R. Havergal

1 Yes, he knows the way is dreary,
Knows the weakness of our frame,
Knows that hand and heart are weary,
He in all points felt the same.
He is near to help and bless;
Be not weary, onward press.

2 Look to him, who once was willing
All his glory to resign,
That, for thee the law fulfilling,
All his merit might be thine.
Strive to follow, day by day,
Where his footsteps mark the way.

3 Look to him, the Lord of Glory,
Tasting death to win thy life;
Gazing on that wondrous story,
Canst thou falter in the strife?
Is it not new life to know
That the Lord hath loved thee so?

4 Look to him, and faith shall brighten,
Hope shall soar, and love shall burn,
Peace once more thy heart shall lighten;
Rise, he calleth thee, return!
Be not weary on thy way;
Jesus is thy strength and stay.

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