Have Faith in God Lyrics, Story, and Video

Have Faith in God Lyrics

1 Do you ever feel down-hearted or discouraged?
Do you ever think your work is all in vain?
Do the burdens thrust upon you make you tremble,
And you fear that you shall ne’er the victory gain?

Have faith in God, the sun will shine,
Though dark the clouds may be today;
His heart has planned your path and mine;
Have faith in God, have faith alway.

2 Darkest night will always come before the dawning,
Silver linings shine on God’s side of the cloud;
All your journey He has promised to be with you,
Naught has come to you but what His love allowed. [Refrain]

3 God is mighty! He is able to deliver;
Faith can victor be in every trying hour;
Fear, and care, and sin, and sorrow be defeated
By our faith in God’s almighty, conqu’ring power. [Refrain]

Have Faith in God Hymn Story

“Have Faith in God” is a hymn that was composed by May Agnew Stephens. May Agnew Stephens was born in 1865 in Ontario, Cananda.

She was a member of the Salvation Army which she joined while living in New York, USA.

In 1897 she began serving as song leader and pianist for one of the congregations.

Mary Agnew Stephens - Have faith in God
Mary Agnew Stephens

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Have Faith in God Hymn Video

Have Faith in God | Author: May Agnew Stephens

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