Holy Sabbath Day of Rest Lyrics, Story, and Video

Holy Sabbath Day of Rest Lyrics

1 Holy Sabbath day of rest,
By our Master richly blest,
God-created and divine,
Set aside for holy time.

Yes, the holy Sabbath rest,
By our God divinely blest,
It to us a sign shall be
Throughout all eternity.

2 Seek not pleasures of this earth,
With its folly, noise, and mirth;
There are better things in store
Over on the other shore. [Refrain]

3 As the Sabbath draweth on
In the eve at set of sun,
Christian household then should meet,
Sing, and pray at Jesus’ feet. [Refrain]

4 Asking Him for saving grace,
Also vict’ry in the race,
And to help us by His pow’r,
To keep holy ev’ry hour. [Refrain]

Holy Sabbath Day of Rest Hymn Story

“Holy Sabbath Day of Rest” is a Christian song that was composed by Lawrence Eugene Claire Joers. Lawrence E. C. Joers was a Seventh-day Adventist surgeon, writer, speaker, and musician.

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Holy Sabbath Day of Rest Hymn Video

Holy Sabbath Day of Rest – Hymn No. 381 | SDA Hymnal | Instrumental

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