I Love Thy Kingdom Lord Lyrics, Story, and Video

I Love Thy Kingdom Lord Lyrics

1 I love thy kingdom, Lord,
the house of thine abode,
the church our blest Redeemer saved
with his own precious blood.

2 I love thy church, O God:
her walls before thee stand,
dear as the apple of thine eye
and graven on thy hand.

3 For her my tears shall fall,
for her my prayers ascend;
to her my cares and toils be giv’n,
’til toils and cares shall end.

4 Beyond my highest joy
I prize her heav’nly ways,
her sweet communion, solemn vows,
her hymns of love and praise.

5 Jesus, thou Friend divine,
our Savior and our King,
thy hand from ev’ry snare and foe
shall great deliv’rance bring.

6 Sure as thy truth shall last,
to Zion shall be giv’n
the brightest glories earth can yield,
and brighter bliss of heav’n.

I Love Thy Kingdom Lord Hymn Story

“I Love Thy Kingdom” is a Christian hymn that was arranged into the present form by Timothy Dwight. He altered the original text in 1800.

Timothy Dwight - I love thy kingdom lord hymn writer
Timothy Dwight

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I Love Thy Kingdom Lord Hymn Video

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