So Send I You Lyrics, Story, and Video

So Send I You Lyrics

1 So sent I you- by grace made strong to triumph
O’er hosts of hell, o’er darkness, death, and sin,
My name to bear, and in that name to conquer-
So send I you, My victory to win.

2 So send I you- to take to souls in bondage
The word of truth that sets the captive free,
To break the bonds of sin, to loose dearth’s fetters-
So send I you, to bring the lost to Me.

3 So send I you- My strength to know in weakness,
My joy in grief, my perfect peace in pain,
To prove My power, My grace, My promised presence-
So send I you, eternal fruit to gain.

4 So Send I you – to bear My cross with patience,
And then one day with joy to lay it down
To hear My voice, “Well done, My faithful servant –
Come, share My throne, My Kingdom, and My crown!”
As the Father hath sent Me, so send I You.”

So Send I You Hymn Story

“So Send I You” is a Christian hymn that was written by Margaret Clarkson. It is a missionary hymn to encourage us to fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus Christ. Christ wants us to go out into the world spreading the gospel of Christ.

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So Send I You Hymn Video

“So Send I You” – Hymn 578

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