In the Secret of His Presence

In the Secret of His Presence Lyrics

Author: Ellen Lakshmi Goreh

1 In the secret of His presence how my soul delights to hide!
Oh, how precious are the lessons which I learn at Jesus’ side!
Earthly cares can never vex me, neither trials lay me low;
For when Satan comes to tempt me, to the secret place I go,
to the secret place I go.

2 When my soul is faint and thirsty, ’neath the shadow of His wing
There is cool and pleasant shelter, and a fresh and crystal spring;
And my Savior rests beside me, as we hold communion sweet:
If I tried, I could not utter what He says when thus we meet,
what He says when thus we meet.

3 Only this I know: I tell Him all my doubts, my griefs and fears;
Oh, how patiently He listens! and my drooping soul He cheers:
Do you think He ne’er reproves me? what a false friend He would be,
If He never, never told me of the sins which He must see,
of the sins which He must see.

4 Would you like to know the sweetness of the secret of the Lord?
Go and hide beneath His shadow: this shall then be your reward;
And whene’er you leave the silence of that happy meeting place,
You must mind and bear the image of the Master in your face,
of the Master in your face.

In the Secret of His Presence Hymn History

In the Secret of His Presence is a hymn composed by Ellen L Goreh.

Ellen Goreh who was born India but grew up in England with her foster parents had developed a habit of composing poems.

Such that even the great woman hymns writer of those days, Frances Havergal was impressed when she saw her poems.

During one of the busiest years of her life she authored the poem that later became this song.

It is a song that expressed her own unusual life. This poem was set to music by George C Stebbins some time later.

She later went back to India where she worked in the Lord’s vineyard in various capacities.

While in India a young woman who knew Miss Goreh’s hymn was thrilled at the prospect of meeting her, though she was afraid the older woman would not come up to her expectations.

But when she saw her, she exclaimed, “Oh, she does it. She does dwell in the secret place, and bear the image of the Master in her face.”

Even when Ellen was admitted at Catherine’s Hospital in Cawnpore UK in 1932 that glow was still there on her face.

She is reported to have said, “I am such a poor, week, good for nothing little woman. I am in a very dilapidated condition, just waiting at the pearly gate until it is opened for me to enter.”

She passed away in 1937 at the age of eighty-four and the gate was opened for her by her loving God.

Ellen Lakshmi - In the secret of his presence
Ellen Lakshmi Goreh

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