Lord of the Harvest Once Again

Lord of the Harvest Once Again Lyrics

Author: Joseph Anstice

1 Lord of the harvest, once again,
we thank You for the ripened grain;
for crops safe carried, sent to cheer
Your servants through another year;
for all sweet holy thoughts, supplied
by seed-time, and by harvest-tide.

2 The bare dead grain, in autumn sown,
its robe of vernal green puts on;
glad from its wintry grave it springs,
fresh garnished by the King of kings;
so, Lord, to those who sleep in You
shall bodies glorious be and new.

3 Daily, O Lord, our prayers be said,
as You hav taught, for daily bread,
but not alone our bodies feed,–
supply our fainting spirits’ need.
O Bread of Life, from day to day
be all their comfort, food and stay!

Lord of the Harvest Once Again Hymn History

‘Lord of the Harves Once Again’ is a hymn that was composed by Joseph Anstice. He composed this hymn and others while on his death bed during the last few weeks of his life.

The songs were dictated to his wife. Joseph Anstice died at the youthful age of twenty-seven

Other songs that he composed on his death bed included, ‘Father by Thy love and prayer’ and O Lord, how happy should we be’/

It is sad that John died at such an early age as he was one of the most brilliant students at Oxford gaining double first-class honors.

It is, therefore, not surprising that at the early age of twenty-two he was appointed Professor of Classical Literature at King’s College, London. Sadly, six years later his life ended.

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