Now the Day Is Over Lyrics, Story, and Video

Now the Day Is Over Lyrics

1 Now the day is over,
night is drawing nigh;
shadows of the evening
steal across the sky.

2 Jesus, give the weary
calm and sweet repose;
with your tenderest blessing
may my eyelids close.

3 Comfort every sufferer
watching late in pain;
those who plan some evil,
from their sin restrain.

4 Thro’ the long night-watches
may your angels spread
their bright wings above me,
watching round my bed.

5 When the morning wakens,
then may I arise
pure and fresh and sinless
in your holy eyes.

Now the Day Is Over Hymn Story

“Now the Day Is Over” is a hymn that was written by Sabine Baring-Gould in 1865. It was published in the same year in the Church Times in the United Kingdom.

It is one of the most popular hymns that is known by millions of Christians all over the world.

Sabine Baring Gould was born on 28th January 1834 in Exeter, England. He studied theology at Cambridge University.

He was ordained in the Church of England and worked in various positions in the church.

He wrote various papers and books on various Christian issues and matters.

He also wrote and also translated a number of hymns which appeared in various church hymnals.

Sabine Baring Gould = Now the day is over hymn writer
Sabine Baring-Gould

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Now the Day is Over Hymn Video

Now the Day Is Over (w/ lyrics)

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