O Master at Thy Feet

O Master at Thy Feet Lyrics

Author: Frances Ha­ver­gal

O Master, at Thy feet
I bow in rapture sweet!
Before me, as in darkening glass,
Some glorious outlines pass,
Of love, and truth, and holiness, and power;
I own them Thine, O Christ,
And bless Thee for this hour.

O full of truth and grace,
Smile of Jehovah’s face;
O tenderest heart of love untold!
Who may Thy praise unfold?
Thee, Savior, Lord of lords and King of kings,
Well may adoring seraphs
Hymn with veiling wings.

I have no words to bring
Worthy of Thee, my King,
And yet one anthem in Thy praise
I long, I long to raise;
The heart is full, the eye entranced above,
But words all melt away
To silent awe and love.

How can the lip be dumb,
The hand all still and numb,
When Thee the heart doth see and own
Her Lord and God alone?
Tune for Thyself the music of my days,
And open Thou my lips
That I may show Thy praise.

Yea, let my whole life be
One anthem unto Thee,
And let the praise of lip and life
Outring all sin and strife.
O Jesus, Master! Be Thy name supreme,
For heaven and earth the one,
The grand, eternal theme.

O Master at Thy Feet Hymn Story

This hymn, “O Master at Thy Feet”, was written by the famous hymn writer, Frances Ridley Havergal on New Year’s Eve in 1866. That evening in a room without a carpet and without any fire, Frances sat and wrote this hymn.

Havergal says the reason she decided to write this hymn is because she felt that she had not written a hymn in praise of Christ. She had written songs touching various biblical principles but not one specially written as a praise song to Jesus.

She says her focus that day was writing a hymn with special focus just on praise to Christ.

Havergal stated that “Master” was her favorite title as it implied rule and submission which is what love craves for. She said, “Men may feel differently, but a true woman’s submission is inseparable from deep love.”

Frances Ridley Havergal -  O Master at thy feet hymn writer
Frances Ridley Havergal

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