Unless a Grain of Wheat

Unless a Grain of Wheat Lyrics

1 If we have died with him then we shall live with him;
if we hold firm, we shall reign with him.

Unless a grain of wheat shall fall upon the ground and die,
it remains but a single grain with no life.

2 If anyone serves me then they must follow me;
wherever I am my servants will be. [Refrain]

3 Make your home in me as I make mine in you;
those who remain in me bear much fruit. [Refrain]

4 If you remain in me and my word lives in you,
then you will be my disciples. [Refrain]

5 Those who love me are loved by my Father;
we shall be with them and dwell in them. [Refrain]

6 Peace I leave with you, my peace I give to you;
peace which the world cannot give is my gift. [Refrain]

Unless a Grain of Wheat Hymn Story

“Unless a Grain of Wheat” is a Christian hymn that was composed by Bernadette Farrell.

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Unless a Grain of Wheat Hymn Video

Unless a Grain of Wheat By Bernadette Farrell

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