Welcome, Delightful Morn Lyrics, Story, Video

Welcome, Delightful Morn Lyrics

1 Welcome, delightful morn,
Thou day of sacred rest!
I hail thy kind return;
Lord, make these moments blest:
From the low plane of mortal toys,
I soar to reach immortal joys,
I soar to reach immortal joys.

2 Now may the King descend,
And fill His throne with grace;
Thy scepter, Lord, extend,
While saints address Thy face;
Let sinners feel Thy quickening word,
And learn to know and fear the Lord,
And learn to know and fear the Lord.

3 Descend, celestial Dove,
Will all Thy quickening powers;
Disclose a Savior’s love,
And bless the sacred hours;
Then shall my soul new life obtain,
Nor Sabbaths be enjoyed in vain,
Nor Sabbaths be enjoyed in vain.

Welcome, Delightful Morn Hymn Story

“Welcome, delightful morn” is a Christian hymn that was composed by Thomas Hayward.

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