Fade, Fade Each Earthly Joy Lyrics, Story, and Video

Fade, Fade Each Earthly Joy Lyrics

1 Fade, fade, each earthly joy,
Jesus is mine.
Break every tender tie,
Jesus is mine.
Dark is the wilderness,
Earth has no resting place,
Jesus alone can bless,
Jesus is mine.

2 Tempt not my soul away;
Jesus is mine.
Here would I ever stay,
Jesus is mine.
Perishing things of clay,
Born but for one brief day,
Pass from my heart away;
Jesus is mine.

3 Farewell, ye dreams of night;
Jesus is mine.
Lost in this dawning bright,
Jesus is mine.
All that my soul has tried
Left but a dismal void;
Jesus has satisfied;
Jesus is mine.

4 Farewell, mortality;
Jesus is mine.
Welcome, eternity;
Jesus is mine.
Welcome, O loved and blest,
Welcome, sweet scenes of rest,
Welcome, my Saviour’s breast;
Jesus is mine.

Fade, Fade Each Earthly Joy Hymn Story

Fade, Fade, Each Earthly Joy is a Christian song that was written by Mrs Catherine J Bonar.

Mrs Catherine J Bonar - Fade, Fade Each Earthly Joy hymn writer
Mrs. Catherine Bonar

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