I Found the Answer Lyrics, Story, and Video

I Found the Answer Lyrics

I was weak and weary, I had gone astray,
Walking in the darkness, I could not find my way.
Then a light came shining to lead me from despair,
Made all my sins forgiven, and I was free from care.

I found the answer, I learned to pray,
Oh with faith to guide me, I’ve found the way.
The sun is shining for me each day,
I found the answer, and I learned to pray.

I was sad and lonely, all my hopes were gone,
Days were long and dreary, I couldn’t carry on.
Then I found the courage to keep my head up high,
Once again I’m happy, and here’s the reason why.

Keep your Bible with you, read it every day,
Always count your blessings and always stop to pray.
Learn to keep believing and faith will see you thro’,
Seek to know contentment, and it will come to you.

I Found the Answer Hymn Story

“I Found the Answer” is a Christian hymn that was written by Johnny Lange. It was one of songs that was popularised by the great gospel singer, Mahalia Jackson.

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