For You I Am Praying

For You I Am Praying Lyrics

1 I have a Savior, He’s pleading in glory,
A dear, loving Savior, though earth-friends be few;
And now He is watching in tenderness o’er me,
But O, that my Savior were your Savior, too!

For you I am praying,
For you I am praying,
For you I am praying,
I’m praying for you.

2 I have a Father; to me He has given
A hope for eternity, blessed and true;
And soon will He call me to meet Him in heaven,
But O, that He’d let me bring you with me, too! [Refrain]

3 I have a robe, ’tis resplendent in whiteness,
Awaiting in glory my wondering view;
O, when I receive it all shining in brightness,
Dear friend, could I see you receiving one, too! [Refrain]

4 When He has found you, tell others the story,
That my loving Savior is your Savior, too;
Then pray that your Savior may bring them to glory,
And prayer will be answered- ’twas answered for you! [Refrain]

For You I Am Praying Hymn Story

“For You I Am Praying” is a hymn that was composed by Samuel O’Malley Cluff.

This song talks about Christ who in the book of Hebrews is referred to as a High Priest.

He is a High Priest not on earth but in the heavenly sanctuary.

So just as in the Old Testament you had to go to a High Priest to have him offer a sacrifice for your sins now that activity is happening in heaven.

While in the earthly sanctuary the sacrifices were offered daily, Jesus offered himself as a sacrifice once and for all.

He now pleads for those who humbly seek God’s forgiveness.

Samuel O’Malley Cluff was born in Dublin, Ireland in 1837. He was a minister of the gospel in the Anglican church in Ireland.

The church of England is known as the Anglican church in other countries.

He was a prolific poet who wrote over a thousand poems.

Samuel O'Malley - For You I am praying hymn writer
Samuel O’Malley

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